How to Save the Environment | 10 Practical Ways to Follow

How to Save the Environment | 10 Practical Ways to Follow

Nowadays we hear a lot of debate on climate changes, deforestation, pollution etc.

All these issues are related to the destruction of the environment around us.

It is everyone’s duty to protect the environment.

Since we are born, brought up and even perish in the environment, we are indebted to it.

Our only responsibility is to safeguard the environment.

The environment was fine for many centuries in the past.

It started getting deteriorated rapidly in recent decades.

This is due to over exploitation and also use of technology.

Tips on How to Protect the Environment

Go organic: This means to use food and other substance made by organic methods. Going organic is one of the best ways to save the earth. It has many ways like

  1. Improves health: Organic food consumption is said to be healthier than other foodstuffs from the market. They tend to reduce the chances of diseases and thereby the use of drugs. Drugs are made by the use of many chemicals and high amount of electric energy. So one can save the environment in terms of chemical spillage on land and polluting the environment in terms of energy usage.
  2. Save the birds & other animals:sparrow-
    When crops are grown using artificial fertilizers, the chances of getting infected with pests and diseases is high. So farmers use highly toxic pesticides to control them. In doing so, the pesticides from the plant are consumed by insects, larvae which become prey to birds. These birds on consuming them get killed by the poison.
  3. Minimize water and land pollution: Since there is the minimization of pesticide and other harmful chemical use in organic farming, there is no chance of groundwater contamination and also river water contamination. Because, when there are rains, the toxin from the farm is carried away by water into rivers or into the groundwater. When pesticides are avoided, such a problem is prevented.

Grow trees: Trees are life saviors for many animals on the earth including humans. These trees should be spared and grown more. It should be the duty of everyone to grow more trees. Growing trees has many advantages which save a life like

  1. Decrease air pollution: Trees take up the poisonous gases from the air. In doing so, they minimize pollution. They take up carbon dioxide at a faster rate than other gases. But still, on the longer run, they minimize the pollution of all the air content and bring a safe balance.  So it is important to grow as many trees as possible to minimize air pollution.
  2. Absorb suns heat: 
    How to Save the Environment
    Many countries suffer due to excess heat of summer. But we can clearly notice that, among such countries, a place with a large number of trees are cooler than remaining parts. I personally noticed that in a lush green education campus the temperature was low b two degrees than outside it. This is because of only sufficient trees.
  3. Bring rainfall: Rainfall is a sequence of the water cycle. Water from land and oceans is collected by evaporation into the sky. This forms clouds and reaches the ground as rainfall at places where the clouds get cooled. So we can notice that rainfall occurs in a place where there are sufficient trees but not over desert areas. Trees bring in rainfall which can help the land animals get water to drink. So, it is quite essential to save trees from being cut down and grow them instead.

Minimize travel. Travel is for fun, recreation, learning and even for work. This does not mean that we should avoid travel. But we can definitely avoid unnecessary travel. For examples traveling to our workplace daily for miles together. This adds to air pollution, sound pollution, the death of small animals (road accidents) and also physical stress.

The other way around is to stay near the place of work or schooling. This avoids even daily cost of travel and adds to save the environment.

If we go by facts, almost 90% of people who go for work, travel. Some use automobiles, while other bicycles and some even walk. Though walking, the cycle is safer, as it is not feasible for long distance travel due to time constraints. So it is good to stay near the workplace.

Save rainwater: Water is essential for drinking and other needs to all the living beings. This drinking water and fresh water is provided by some perennial rivers, groundwater and also by rainfall. But rivers and groundwater also depend on rains to get refilled.

So since we are exploiting a lot of these rivers, groundwater, it is also our duty to harvest rainwater. We are overly exploiting the river and groundwater for farming, industries etc. So sufficient harvesting of rainwater helps to refill the rivers and groundwater and save the environment. Due to the rise in groundwater, there is water for plants, trees and also for bore-wells to drain water for crops. This also keeps the climate cool and helps it stay green with plants.

Minimize requirements: We humans have many requirements for living. This starts from our kitchen to the bedroom and more. We tend to buy as many things as possible as a way of satisfaction. But in doing so we are doing harm to the environment. It is good to minimize our requirement like in terms of a number of pairs of shoe, belts, electronic equipment etc.

How to save the environment from pollution:

Pollution is another cause of environmental destruction. And the primary contributing living being for the pollution is the man himself. Pollution occurs in different forms like air, water, land, sound, radiation etc. This affects almost all the living beings on the earth. So we need to decrease pollution.renewable energy

Use renewable energy: Energy is produced in some places by use of fossil fuels. This adds to pollution and also waste generation. To minimize this, renewable energy sources like wind, hydro and solar sources should be encouraged widely.

Avoid chemical pollution: We use a lot of chemical out of necessity. But using synthetic chemical can be harmful to nature as they are hard to be decomposed. Also, they contribute to land and water pollution. So using biologically derived products would be safe. As they get degraded fast without much soil contamination.

Minimize light pollution: Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the night without light. But those who have seen the sky without light would find the experience wonderful. Though light is essential to carry out activities in the dark, still too much use of it disturbs sleep and leads to diseases like obesity.

How to save the environment at home: Minimize electricity and water wastage at home. Prefer solar electricity and also use homegrown vegetables if you can cultivate.

Decrease population growth: This is not the last option but the first priority. Those countries with excess population will have heavy demand for natural resources leading to environmental destruction. To minimize the population to save the environment.




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