Dessert - Chocolate Chia Smoothie Recipe

Dessert - Chocolate Chia Smoothie Recipe

Reciped by @twospoons


For the smoothie bowl

  • 1/4 Cup chia

  • 1/2 Cup almond milk, or milk of choice

  • 1 Tsp cocoa powder 

  • Maple syrup, to taste

  • 1/2 Kiwi

  • 4-6 Kiwi berries (optional)

  • 1/2 Banana, chopped

  • 3 Chocolate, peanut truffle balls

  • Chocolate granola (gluten-free), to sprinkle

  • Shaved dark chocolate, to sprinkle

    1. In a bowl combine chia and homemade almond milk. Stir to combine, wait 10 minutes and stir again to avoid any clumps from forming. Let soak for 1-2 hours, or overnight in fridge. 

    2. When ready to serve remove from fridge and stir again to remove any formed clumps. Add cocoa powder and stir to combine. Then add maple syrup to taste (depending on how sweet you like it). 

    3. Pour chia pudding into breakfast bowls and decorate with kiwi, kiwi berries and chopped banana. (To make the kiwi flower design: cut into the middle of a kiwi in a zig-zag pattern all the way around, with a sharp knife. Pull apart and you have two kiwi flowers.)  Finish decorating pudding with chocolate peanut truffle balls, chocolate granola and shaved dark chocolate to sprinkle.

    4. Enjoy!

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